Creating a Nxt account numberEdit

In order to send or receive Nxt, you need to create an account number.  You can create an account within the Nxt client software. Your account number will be your address. Pick a very strong random passphrase that is greater than 30 characters.

Before creating an account, you will need to install the Nxt client software on your machine and run a local node (which will assist the network). Once this is done and Nxt is running on your computer:

  1. Within the Nxt client software, click on the orange picture of a padlock.  It will be located in the UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER of your browser window.
    • A pop-up window labeled ACCOUNT will appear.
  2. In the text field that appears, enter a secret passphrase.
      • Simple passwords will be hacked and your coins will be stolen.
      • Your passphrase is more secure if it is long and complex.  Use a string that is at least 30 characters long.  If possible, do not base your passphrase on any complete words in any language.
      • You may use a web site like to help create a vry strong password.
      • Record your passphrase, and keep it in a secure location.  It will be used to generate your account number
      • Once you create and enter this passphrase, it can never be changed
      • If you ever lose your passphrase, you will lose access to your account
      • Do not share your passphrase with anyone.
  3. Click Unlock account.
    • ​The orange padlock will change from a "locked" position to an "unlocked" position
    • Your newly-generated account number will appear in green text to the right of the padlock icon
  4. Record your account number!