Creating an aliasEdit

Note: Alias creation requires a node running Nxt version 0.4.0 or later.

  1. With your Nxt software running, browse to (or https://localhost:7875/alias.html )
    • The Nxt "Alias" screen will appear
  2. Complete the form with the following entries:
    • Secret phrase:  The passphrase of the account that will own the alias (i.e. your passphrase!)
    • Alias:  The text that you would like to become your alias
    • URI:  The target text for the alias – web address, Nxt account number, telephone number, or whatever else you'd like
    • Fee:  Expressed in Nxt. Enter the fee you are willing to pay for this transaction.  The minimum fee is 1 Nxt, but if many people attempt to claim the same alias at the same time, the request with the highest fee will "win".
    • Deadline:  Expressed in minutes.  Enter the number of minutes you are willing to wait before your order is automatically canceled by the network.
  3. Click "Submit"
    • The server will respond with a transaction ID in the "server response" box, showing that the transaction has been created on the network.