Sending NxtEdit

  1. Access your local client (https://localhost:7875/)
  2. Unlock your account
    • Click on the orange picture of a padlock in the  TOP LEFT CORNER. A popup labeled ACCOUNT will appear.
    • Enter your secret passphrase, and then click on the Unlock account button
  3. Send Nxt by clicking on the violet arrow on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the browser window.
    • A popup labeled TRANSACTION appears.  Complete the fields as follows:
      • Recipient : enter the Nxt account number of the receiver.
      • Amount : choose the amount of Nxt coin you would like to send
      • Fee : Set a number of coins to use for the transaction fee.  The software will suggest a fee of 1 coin for every 1000 coins sent (which equates to 0.1%), but you can set the fee to as low as 1 coin for any transaction amount.
      • Deadline : enter a small number (1 hour is fine; the default is 24 hours)
  4. Click the Send Money Button
    • The message Money is sent will appear