How do I install Nxt?Edit

You can start your Nxt adventure by downloading and installing the Nxt software.  Nxt is written in Java, and requires an up-to-date Java installation in order to be run.

If you need it, you can download the Mac OS X Java Developer's Kit here (currently at version 7u45 – look for "Java SE Development Kit")

The original softwareEdit

If you're looking for the most up-to-date version of the Nxt software, from the development team, this is the place to get it:

Alternate softwareEdit

Members of the Nxt community are creating alternatives to the official client software.  Many of these are very promising, but you should try them at your own risk.  

  • 's wesley has created a standalone MacOS client that will install the correct version of Java for you, if needed, and then run the Nxt software as a dedicated application. It will also automatically update your software when new versions of the client are released. You can get the latest version here:
  • A basic, user-friendly Mac installer has been created by forum user newname .  It is still subject to change, but it makes installing Nxt easier: newname's simple MacOS installer
  •'s ferment manages a command-line Nxt utility that installs the NXT software (MacOS/Linux), simplifies API commands, management of the Nxt server process, upgrades, and other functions.

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