How do I install Nxt?Edit

You can start your Nxt adventure by downloading and installing the Nxt software.  Nxt is written in Java, and requires an up-to-date Java installation in order to be run.

If you need it, download the Java SE Developer's Kit from Oracle.

The original softwareEdit

If you're looking for the most up-to-date version of the Nxt software, from the development team, this is the place to get it:

Alternate softwareEdit

Members of the Nxt community are creating alternatives to the official client software.  Many of these are very promising, but you should try them at your own risk.  

  •'s ferment manages a command-line Nxt utility that installs the NXT software (MacOS/Linux), simplifies API commands, management of the Nxt server process, upgrades, and other functions.

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